Linear Programming Formulation Example: Pickles

The Huntz Company purchases cucumbers and makes two kinds of pickles: sweet and dill. The company policy is that at least 30%, but no more than 60%, of the pickles be sweet. The demand for pickles is

SWEET: 5000 jars + additional 3 jars for each $1 spent on advertising
DILL: 4000 jars + additional 5 jars for each $1 spent on advertising

Sweet and dill pickles are advertised separately.  The production costs are:

SWEET: 0.60 $/jar
DILL: 0.85 $/jar

and the selling prices are:

SWEET: 1.45 $/jar
DILL: 1.75 $/jar

Huntz has $16,000 to spend on producing and advertising pickles.